Ukraine-Launched Drone Heading Towards Moscow Destroyed: Officials

Sun Nov 19 2023
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MOSCOW: Russian officials have said that a Ukraine-launched drone heading towards Moscow have been destroyed, local media reported on Sunday.

Reuters citied Moscow’s Mayor as saying that country’s air defence systems has destroyed a Ukraine-launched drone heading towards the capital city.

Ukraine-Launched Drone Heading Towards Moscow Demolished: Officials

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said via social media that preliminarily, there was no damage and casualties as a result of falling wreckage in the city. The mayor further stated that emergency services are on the spot after the incident.

Sobyanin said that the Ukraine-launched drone was eliminated in Bogorodskoye, which is on the northeast outskirts of Moscow.

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Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelenskiy has also sanctioned 37 Russian groups and 108 individuals including an ex-prime minister and a former minister and said he aimed to fight wartime kidnappings of kids from Ukraine.

“We are growing to press these people and each of them should be held accountable for what they did,” Zelenskiy maintained.

Zelenskiy claimed that the list included “those played a role in the kidnapping and deportation of Ukrainian kids from the occupied areas” and people who “in various means help Russia.”

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