Ukraine Targets Russian Airfield in Annexed Crimea

Thu Apr 18 2024
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KYIV: Ukraine said on Thursday that its forces had targeted a large Russian airfield on the annexed Crimean Peninsula, destroying an array of military equipment.

The attack was carried out in the early hours of Wednesday at the Dzhankoi air base, on the northern part of the peninsula occupied by Moscow in 2014.

Kyiv’s military intelligence claimed the operation was successful, damaging air defence and radar systems, among other targets, according to AFP.

It said that the number of enemy aviation objects damaged or completely destroyed and the number of casualties among personnel of the Russian troops is being clarified.

Videos of Ukraine’s Attack 

Footages purportedly showing explosions and sirens blaring at the airfield had circulated on social media the day before, but Ukraine did not immediately comment.

President Volodymyr Zelensky later confirmed his troops carried out the attack in an evening address, thanking the military for what he called a correct attack against the occupier.

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