Ukraine’s Army Chief Warns of ‘Extremely Difficult’ Front Line With Russia

Wed Feb 14 2024
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KYIV: Ukraine’s new army chief, Oleksandr Syrsky, has described the situation on the front line as “extremely difficult” amid the ongoing conflict with Russia. This declaration comes amidst mounting concerns over delays in much-needed US military aid, which could significantly impact Ukraine’s ability to defend itself.

The front line, stretching over 1,000 kilometers, has seen minimal movement for more than a year, with Ukrainian forces forced back into a defensive posture following a failed counter-offensive last year. Syrsky acknowledged Russia’s manpower advantage and the challenges posed by their continued efforts to advance.

During his first visit to the eastern front since assuming command, Syrsky, accompanied by Defense Minister Rustem Umerov, witnessed the intense fighting around the strategic city of Avdiivka, which is currently surrounded by Russian forces on three sides. Ukrainian army spokesman Dmytro Lykhoviy reported an estimated 50,000 Russian soldiers in the vicinity of the city.

Ukraine Celebrates Victory Against Russia

Despite the grim assessment, Ukraine celebrated a recent victory with the destruction of another Russian warship in the Black Sea, adding to a string of successful attacks on Russia’s naval fleet. However, Syrsky’s visit underscored the challenging conditions faced by Ukrainian troops, with reports indicating ammunition shortages and the need for continued Western support.

The delay in US military aid, which has been held up in Congress since last year, poses a significant threat to Ukraine’s defensive capabilities. While the US Senate recently approved $60 billion in funding for Ukraine, its passage in the House of Representatives remains uncertain.

Meanwhile, a Russian strike on a hospital in the eastern town of Selydove resulted in the deaths of three civilians, including a pregnant woman and a nine-year-old boy. Several others, including an infant, were wounded in the attack.

Despite the stalemate on land, Ukraine continues to claim success in the Black Sea, with reports of another Russian warship being sunk off the coast of Crimea. While the Kremlin has remained silent on these allegations, NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg praised Ukraine’s achievements, calling them a “great victory.”


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