Ukrainian Attack Kills One, Injures Six in Russian-Controlled Donetsk

Sun Aug 13 2023
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DONETSK:  A civilian has been killed while six others wounded in a shelling by Ukrainian armed forces in the Russian-controlled region of Donetsk, western media reported on Saturday.

Reuters reported Denis Pushilin, the Russian-appointed head of the eastern Ukrainian region in a statement on social media said that a 12-year-old girl was also among the injured.

He added that the Ukrainian army fired 127 rounds of ammunition at peaceful cities and regions in Donetsk. Russia annexed the Ukrainian territory last year declaring it as Donetsk People’s Republic.

Pushilin said cluster munitions and heavy artillery were used in the attack.

Ukrainian forces target Crimean Bridge

Meanwhile, Russia’s Defense Ministry has said that Ukrainian forces in an unsuccessful operation tried to hit Crimean Bridge and a number of other unspecified targets on the Crimean peninsula on Saturday, however, there were no casualties or damage.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said Ukraine used S-200 rockets and drones in the attack forcing the temporary closure of the bridge.

Amid mounting tensions, Russia has led multiple waves of strikes on Ukraine while Ukrainian forces hit bridges within their occupied territories in response.

The situation remains highly delicate in the area, with both sides engaged in military actions. The ongoing developments underline the complex geopolitical landscape in the region. Ends

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