Ukrainian Attack Leaves 1 Killed, 2 Injured in Russian-Held Crimea: Governor

Tue Dec 26 2023
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MOSCOW: A Ukrainian attack on the Crimean port town of Feodosia on Tuesday killed one individual and injured two others, as said by the governor of the Russian-annexed territory.

Sergei Aksyonov stated the unfortunate news on Telegram, stating that an enemy attack caused damage to six buildings, leading to the evacuation of their residents. Despite the disruptions, Aksyonov assured that the transport infrastructure was operating normally.

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Meanwhile, Ukraine’s air force claimed responsibility for the destruction of a suspected Russian fleet ship near Feodosia, believed to be carrying drones for use in Moscow’s ongoing conflict with Kyiv. Aksyonov had earlier mentioned the cordoning off of the port area.

Ukraine frequently conducts strikes in Crimea, with a focus on targeting the Russian military. In a significant incident in April 2022, Ukraine sank the cruiser Moskva, which served as the flagship of the Black Sea fleet.

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