Ukrainian Shelling Kills Seven in Southern Kherson Region

Fri Nov 03 2023
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MOSCOW: At least seven people were killed as Ukrainian forces struck the Russian-controlled part of the southern Kherson region on Friday, according to local Moscow-installed authorities. The strikes occurred amid Kyiv’s intensified efforts to push a counteroffensive aimed at reclaiming territory from Moscow’s forces, with a focus on the southern regions of the country.

The attack, which took place in the Chaplynskiy district, involved the Ukrainian army targeting civilian infrastructure, as reported by local official Konstantin Basyuk on Telegram. Basyuk stated, “According to preliminary information, seven people are dead and seven wounded. Medics are fighting for the life of another two people.”

Ukrainian Shelling in Southern Kherson

The town of Chaplynka, where the incident occurred, is situated approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) southeast of Kherson, the regional capital currently under Ukrainian control. Basyuk specified that the strikes had concentrated on the local pensions office, indicating a deliberate targeting of civilian establishments.

Kherson was successfully retaken by Ukrainian forces from Russian control last year. However, despite this victory, Moscow still maintains control over the majority of the Kherson region.

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