UN Chief Assails Russia’s War in Ukraine for ‘Unleashing Nexus of Horror’

Tue Sep 19 2023
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UNITED NATIONS: United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres delivered a scathing criticism of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine during his address to the annual UN gathering of world leaders, characterizing the conflict as a violation of the UN Charter and a catalyst for a “nexus of horror.”

Speaking passionately before the international community, Guterres condemned the ongoing war in Ukraine, which has resulted in a humanitarian crisis and raised concerns about global food security. He emphasized the urgent need for Ukrainian and Russian food supplies and fertilizers to stabilize markets and ensure food security worldwide.

“The war in Ukraine has unleashed a nexus of horror that violates the fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter,” stated Secretary-General Guterres. “The miseries of innocent civilians, the displacement of large numbers of families, and the destruction of communities must end.”

UN Chief Stresses Diplomacy and Cooperation

Guterres’ plea for immediate action to address the food security crisis garnered applause from leaders in attendance. He stressed the importance of diplomacy and cooperation to facilitate the flow of essential goods between Ukraine and Russia, emphasizing that the international community should not abandon efforts to resolve the conflict peacefully.

“The world badly needs Ukrainian food and Russian food, as well as fertilizers, to stabilize markets and guarantee food security for millions of people,” Guterres declared, making it clear that he remains committed to facilitating these critical supplies.

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