UN Organizes Dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals in Multan

Fri Aug 25 2023
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MULTAN: The United Nations, in collaboration with the district administration of Multan, organized a dialogue on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Around 100 local leaders, women and men, the United Nations Resident Coordinator, and the district administration of Multan participated in the event.

They discussed four topics selected by the participants before the event, including food insecurity, the cost of gender-based violence, youth employment, and access to essential social services with a focus on sanitation, hygiene, and water.

Over 1,000 local leaders from 12 major cities and six provinces and territories talked about the development issues they confront and how they impede economic and social advancement in their communities. The discussions will be held in the many languages used throughout Pakistan in the upcoming weeks.

Julien Harneis, UN Resident Coordinator in Pakistan, said, “The United Nations would better understand local leaders’ aspirations for development outside of the federal and provincial capitals due to these discussions.”

UN upcoming dialogues

The following 12 dialogues would engage community leaders about development issues such as gender equality and women’s empowerment, access to essential social services, inclusive economic growth and decent work, climate change, sustainability, and governance. All are crucial to the progress of Pakistan in achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The dialogues will contribute to discussions leading up to the global SDG Summit, which the UN is planning to accelerate the SDGs’ progress towards their 2030 deadline.


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