UN Recognizes Indus Delta for Global Convention

Sun Apr 09 2023
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ISLAMABAD: The shrinking delta of the River Indus of Pakistan emerged on the United Nations (UN) radar after it agreed to convene a global convention on all deltas worldwide to ensure its protection against increasing climate protection change impacts.


The development came after a strong international nexus of experts, policymakers, academicians, and stakeholders unanimously raised their voices for a convention on deltas worldwide.


They stressed that all major deltas in the world were dying due to adverse impacts of climate change and environmental degradation like sea intrusion, droughts, depleting water flows, sea level rise, shrinking creeks, etc.


The African Centre for Climate Actions and Rural Development Initiative, in collaboration with the Consortium for Capacity Building at the University of Colorado, Center for the Advancement of Public Action Bennington College, Vietnam National University, Hanoi Vietnam, Nigeria’s Bayelsa State Government, the Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security at the University of Vermont, Transboundary Water In-Cooperation Network, Water Environment Forum-Pakistan, and Center for Environment and Sustainable Livelihood Projects, among others organized an event on the UN-Water conference.


The participants discussed deltas like the Nigerian Niger Delta, Mekong River, Colorado, Indus Delta of Pakistan, and the Nile and St. Lawrence transboundary river basins.


Each of these deltas possessed different risks owing to rising sea levels, saltwater intrusion from the oceans, and swiftly melting glaciers, as well as shifting rainfall patterns in the highlands.


UN accepts all deltas are at risk


The United Nations (UN) had accepted that all the world deltas were at risk, and the increasing sea levels and the intrusion was damaging the soil and water ecosystems.  


It is not only nature but also the communities, the livelihood opportunities, and precious human lives that demand the world to respond for their protection.


The efforts would be carried out in Delta countries to achieve the targets of the UN Convention for the Conservation River Delta.

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