UNSC: Palestinian Envoy Reiterates Call for Immediate Truce

Sat Dec 23 2023
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NEW YORK: Palestinian Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour called the Security Council resolution demanding more aid and help deliveries to the Gaza strip “a step in the right way” on Friday, but reiterated his call for an immediate truce.

He said that the resolution is a measure in the right way but it must be executed and must be accompanied by massive pressure for an immediate truce. He said, “I repeat, immediate truce.”

A video by AFP.

Riyad Mansour has reiterated three objectives the OIC group an immediate truce, humanitarian help at scale, and no forced displacement in the Gaza Strip.

UNSC: Palestinian Envoy Reiterates Call for Immediate Truce

The Ambassaor turns to criticism of Israel’s acts in the Gaza Strip, and said what they are dealing with is an attempt at the destruction of their people, and their displacement forever from their spoil.

He is visibly emotional when recounting the unfortunate story of 12-year-old Dunia Abu Mohsen, who lost her entire family, and her legs, in an Israeli brutal attack last month. After telling an interviewer that she wished the war to end, and wanted to be a health professional and doctor when she grew up, the unfortunate Dunia was martyred in another Israeli brutal attack on Nasser hospital on Sunday.

The envoy added the Palestinians supported Moscow amendment that was vetoed by Washington, but expressed support for the resolution that has approved.

Meanwhile, the UNSC on Friday passed a toned-down bid to boost humanitarian help to Gaza and called for urgent measures “to create the conditions for a sustainable cessation of hostilities” following a week of vote delays and intense talks to avoid a veto by Washington.

Amid international outrage over increasing Gaza death toll in last 11 weeks of war between Hamas and Israel and a deteriorating humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, the United States abstained to permit the 15-member council to adopt a resolution drafted by the UAE. The remaining UNSC members voted for the resolution on Gaza except for Russia which also abstained.

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