US Air Force Commander Vows Thorough Investigation into F-16 Crash in South Korea

Thu Feb 01 2024
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SEOUL: The commander of the US Air Force unit in South Korea, Lt. Gen. David R. Iverson, has pledged a comprehensive investigation into the recent crash of a US F-16 fighter jet in the Yellow Sea.

The incident, marking the third F-16 crash in nine months, saw the pilot safely ejecting from the plane. Iverson emphasized that, based on preliminary findings, there are no indications that the crashes are related.

A full Safety Investigation Board, comprising a team of experts, will delve into the details of the crash to identify contributing factors and prevent future mishaps. Notably, the US military mandates separate safety and accident investigations for major incidents. The safety investigation for a previous F-16 crash near Osan Air Base last May has concluded, while the one for a December crash in the Yellow Sea is in its final stages.

Expressing gratitude for South Korean officials’ swift rescue efforts, Iverson confirmed that the pilot from the recent crash is in good condition. Flying operations, temporarily halted after the incident, have now resumed. The commitment to thorough investigations underscores the importance of ensuring the safety and effectiveness of US Air Force operations in the region.

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