US Ambassador Inaugurates Punjab’s First Anti-Rape Crisis Cell

Thu Nov 16 2023
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MULTAN: Pakistan’s Punjab province has inaugurated its first Anti-Rape Crisis Cell (ARCC), dedicated to providing medico-legal assistance to victims of sexual abuse, including women and children, in Multan city on Thursday.

US Ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Bloom, Punjab’s Health Minister Dr. Javid Akram, ACS South Punjab Saqib Zafar, and UN Women representative for Pakistan, Sharmila Rasool, jointly inaugurated the ARCC at Nishtar Hospital. The primary objective of the ARCC is to secure justice for victims through the presentation of evidence in court.

Speaking at the ceremony, US Envoy Donald Bloom underscored the significance of establishing the cell in Multan as a crucial step toward justice for sexually abused individuals. He commended the Punjab government and UN Women for their collaboration in establishing the ARCC, emphasizing the importance of protecting the rights of victims in the fight against violence.

Bloom stressed that sexual violence is not merely a local issue but a global problem that demands collective efforts for prevention. He expressed the international community’s unity in addressing the issue and standing in solidarity with victims to ensure justice. Bloom said that society as a whole bears the responsibility of providing support to victims.

As part of the US-supported protection program, the cell will operate round the clock, providing legal, medical, and psychological support to victims.

Punjab Health Minister Dr. Javid Akram hailed the establishment of the anti-rape crisis cell in Multan as a testament to the government’s recognition of the importance of Southern Punjab. He deemed the cell a significant milestone in the ongoing battle against sexual violence, highlighting its role in delivering justice.

UN Women Country Representative Sharmila Rasool emphasized the importance of the Anti-Rape Crisis Cell, describing it as the foundation for integrated services for victims of sexual abuse.



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