US Delivers Additional 8m Pfizer Vaccine Doses to Pakistan

Fri Oct 07 2022
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Islamabad: The United States government has delivered an additional batch of eight million Pfizer COVID-19 pediatric vaccine doses to Pakistan.

According to the US Embassy in Islamabad, the shipment increases the United States’ donation to more than 78 million safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine doses to the people of Pakistan, including 16 million pediatric doses. In addition to the vaccines, the U.S. government has also provided over 80 million dollars in direct and in-kind support to assist the Pakistani people in the fight against COVID-19.

The support has included more than 1.2m N-95 masks, 96,000 surgical masks, 52,000 protective goggles, one million COVID-19 rapid diagnostic tests, 1,200 pulse oximeters, and 200 ventilators for 64 Pakistani hospitals.  

The US government has also trained over 50,000 health workers, including 30,000 women, across the country on home-based care for COVID-19 patients and established a national network of disease surveillance and response units and teams.

The United States also provided four mobile testing labs in July to Pakistan’s National Institute of Health to strengthen Pakistan’s ability to diagnose diseases in remote and underserved areas, the report added.

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