US Destroys Houthi Boats After Red Sea Attack, 10 Rebels also Killed

Mon Jan 01 2024
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WASHINGTON: US helicopters successfully thwarted an attack by Houthi militants on a Maersk container vessel, the Maersk Hangzhou, in the Red Sea.

The incident occurred around 0330 GMT on Sunday as Houthi militants attempted to board the Singapore-flagged vessel. American and Maersk officials reported that three Houthi boats were sunk, and 10 militants were killed during the naval battle.

The USS Eisenhower and USS Gravely deployed helicopters to assist the ship’s security team in repelling the attackers after receiving a distress call. In response to the attack, Maersk announced a 48-hour pause in all sailings through the Red Sea.

The Houthi spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that it was carried out because the ship’s crew ignored warning calls.

This incident underscores the ongoing tensions in the region, with Yemen’s Houthis targeting vessels in the Red Sea in support of Hamas. Israel’s continuous bombing campaign and the strategic importance of the Red Sea for global trade further contribute to the complex geopolitical dynamics in the area.

The United States initiated Operation Prosperity Guardian on December 19, aiming to safeguard ships in Red Sea waters near Yemen. The Houthi boarding operation on the Maersk Hangzhou marks the latest in a series of attacks targeting vessels in the region, impacting global trade routes.



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