US Says Coalition Can Interact with China on Russia Sanctions

Sat Apr 08 2023
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WASHINGTON: A senior US official said on Friday that the coalition of partners that has imposed sanctions against Moscow over its attack of Ukraine have found effective ways in order to communicate with Beijing regarding not providing material support to Russia.

US-China Ties

According to official of the US Treasury Department the communication has meant that though Beijing and Moscow have heightened an open partnership of sorts, the United States has not seen China provide Russia with the type of material assistance at a scale that would matter in this connection.

The official told Reuters on the condition of anonymity that Moscow is still focused on assistance from Iran and North Korea.

The US and its partners, including the EU and the UK, imposed sanctions on Moscow after the invasion of Ukraine over a year ago. The US has since launched a push to crack down on sanctions dodging.

The US’s approach to Beijing so far has been to directly communicate with China and nations around the world regarding the risks of providing material assistance to Moscow, the official added.

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