US Senate Passes Ukraine, Israel War Aid Bill, House Likely to Block

Tue Feb 13 2024
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WASHINGTON: The United States Senate has approved a significant war aid bill for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, amounting to $95 billion, aimed at bolstering security in the face of global threats. However, the bill faces uncertainty as right-wing Republicans in the House of Representatives, led by Speaker Mike Johnson, signal their intention to block its passage.

President Joe Biden has urged the House to urgently pass the legislation, emphasizing the critical need to support Ukraine in its ongoing resistance against Russian invasion. Biden highlighted the urgency of the situation, warning that American leadership and alliances are at stake.

The Senate’s passage of the bill was a significant win for Biden, with bipartisan support overcoming attempts by former President Donald Trump to undermine the legislation. The package includes $60 billion earmarked for Ukraine to replenish ammunition supplies and address other essential needs.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer underscored the importance of standing up against aggressors like Russian President Vladimir Putin, stressing that history would judge the United States based on its actions.

Ukraine War Aid Bill Likely to Face Opposition

However, the bill’s fate in the House remains uncertain, as Speaker Johnson, aligned with Trump loyalists, has indicated opposition to bringing the legislation to a vote. Republicans have cited concerns about prioritizing assistance to Ukraine over domestic issues like immigration control.

The bill’s tortuous path reflects the ongoing political divisions within Congress, exacerbated by the influence of the Trump wing of the Republican Party. Despite bipartisan efforts to address immigration concerns alongside security aid, Republican senators ultimately backed off under pressure from Trump-aligned factions.

While the House showdown looms, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed gratitude for the Senate’s support, emphasizing the importance of continued assistance in Ukraine’s fight for freedom and democracy.


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