US Voices Concern About Russian Opposition Figure’s Detention Condition

Tue Dec 26 2023
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WASHINGTON: The United States has voiced serious concern about the detention condition of top Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, who has been shifted to an Arctic prison, Western media reported on Monday.

As per reports the US urged Moscow to end escalating suppression of rebels.

The US State Department said it welcomed reports that Navalny, jailed since 2021 on different charges has been located after his whereabouts were unknown for more than two weeks.

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A spokesperson in a statement added the US officials denounced the targeting of the 47-year-old Navalny and the way he is being treated in the jail.

The US joins Navalny’s family and supporters in demanding his immediate release, without conditions. The spokesperson called on the Russian government to end repression of independent voices in Russia.

Navalny is President Vladimir Putin’s major political opponent. He was barred from running in elections in 2018 due to an old fraud charge which according to his allies was politically motivated.

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The Russian opposition leader received a 19-year imprisonment in 2021 on charges of extremism.

Navalny, has been recently shifted to a remote penal colony above the Arctic circle with harsh conditions and little link with the outside world.

The State Department in a statement said the US authorities have conveyed their concerns to the Russian government about the deteriorating health conditions of Navalny. He added the international community is watching closely the matter.

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