Use of Force and Armed Action by Any Militia, Entity or Group Other Than the State is Unacceptable: COAS

Fri Nov 17 2023
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RAWALPINDI: Pakistan’s Leading Islamic Scholars (Ulema o Mashaikh) of all schools of thought interacted with Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Syed Asim Munir on Friday at GHQ in Rawalpindi, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a press release.

On the occasion, the leading Islamic Scholars unanimously condemned extremism, terrorism, and sectarianism. They pledged their continued support for State and security forces’ determined efforts to bring peace, stability, and tolerance to the country. They emphasized that Islam is a religion of peace and harmony, and any twisted and distorted interpretations of religion by certain entities are for their vested interests only and have nothing to do with the teachings of Islam.

While commending the ‘Paigham-e-Pakistan’ Fatwa by religious scholars to nullify misleading propaganda disseminated by terrorists and extremists, the Army Chief called upon Ulema o Mashaikh for its propagation and implementation in letter and spirit and shun internal divisions.

COAS Signifies Role of Ulema

The Army Chief signified the role of Ulema in harnessing youth towards understanding the Quran and Sunnah and character building alongside other technical skills and academic knowledge.

The COAS said that there is no space for extreme behavior and intolerance by any entity against anyone, particularly against minorities and vulnerable segments of society.

The forum unanimously supported the government’s measures to harden the State, including repatriating illegal foreigners, implementing the One Document Regime, anti-power theft drive, and anti-smuggling and hoarding measures. The forum fully acknowledged Pakistan’s position and concerns on terrorism originating from Afghan soil and urged serious actions by Afghanistan authorities to address Pakistan’s concerns.

The forum also expressed anguish on the ongoing conflict in Gaza and atrocities being committed against the hapless people of Gaza. The forum termed these actions in Gaza as crimes against humanity.

“Pakistan belongs to all Pakistanis without any religious, provincial, linguistic, tribal, ethnic, sectarian or any other distinction. Use of force and armed action by any militia, entity or group other than State is unacceptable”, COAS concluded.

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