Uzbek President Announces Wage Increase for Public Sector Employees

Mon Nov 20 2023
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BAKU: Uzbekistan’s President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has taken a significant step to enhance the financial well-being of public sector employees by signing a decree, resulting in an average wage increase of 7%.

The basic calculated value will witness a 3% rise, reflecting the government’s commitment to improving the economic conditions of its workforce. As per the decree’s provisions, the basic pension calculation is set at 372,000 soums ($30), while the minimum age pension and minimum wage will stand at 725,000 soums ($59) and 1 million 50,000 soums ($86), respectively, effective from December 1.

This move aims to uplift the living standards of employees in budgetary organizations, fostering economic stability and ensuring the well-being of the workforce.

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