Uzbekistan Allocates $260 Million Increase for Defense and Security Expenses

Mon Dec 25 2023
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TASHKENT: Uzbekistan has approved amendments to its 2023 state budget, reflecting an increase of 3.2 trillion soums (approximately $260 million) allocated for defense and security expenses. The adjustments were endorsed by the Legislative Chamber and the Senate of the Parliament.

According to reports, the augmented expenses primarily target various organizations integral to defense and security functions, including the Ministry of Defense, State Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Guard, Customs Committee, and the Committee for the Management of State Reserves. The allocated funds for these entities increased from 36.06 trillion to 37.97 trillion soums (equivalent to $3.07 billion).

Uzbekistan’s Budget Allocation

The boost in defense spending was facilitated by reductions in other budgetary allocations, amounting to 3.2 trillion soums. Among these adjustments, 944.4 billion soums and 64.5 billion soums were reallocated due to the transfer of the Customs Committee and the Committee for the Management of State Reserves to the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Additionally, the budget amendments include an allocation of 47.9 billion soums (approximately $3.8 million) for the expenses related to a special aircraft operated by Uzbekistan Airways.

The Legislative Chamber approved the amendment law on December 15, and the Senate gave its approval on December 20. The changes and additions to the 2023 budget result in a substantial increase in government spending, nearing the $2 billion mark.

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