Video Game Footage Falsely Shared as US Military Plane Crash in Afghanistan

Mon Dec 18 2023
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NEW YORK: A video circulating on social media, allegedly showing a US military plane crashing in Afghanistan, has been debunked as false. The clip, garnering thousands of views, was falsely presented as real footage, accompanied by a claim that a US C-130 Hercules, allegedly given to the Taliban in 2021, had crashed in Afghanistan.

However, fact-checking reveals that the video is, in fact, a creation from a battlefield video game called Digital Combat Simulator.

The misleading post, shared on X (formerly Twitter), shows a plane emitting black smoke as it circles above a field, with an off-camera voice heard shouting “Allah-o-Akbar” as the aircraft crashes. Several similar posts emerged on X, and while some users correctly identified it as video game footage, others believed it to be an authentic incident.

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AFP’s investigation found that the clip was posted on a YouTube channel called ‘iceman_fox1,’ which regularly shares computer-generated imagery of military planes. The video’s description explicitly states that it was “filmed with Digital Combat Simulator.”

Digital Combat Simulator is a well-known battlefield video game that simulates military aircraft, tanks, ground vehicles, and ships.

Lance Ulanoff, the US editor-in-chief of technology news site TechRadar, pointed out telltale signs that the video was not authentic, citing the unnatural appearance of the smoke emitted from the plane and the post-explosion smoke plumes. Ulanoff noted that these features looked grainy and disappeared too quickly, characteristic of computer-generated imagery.

Despite the false claims circulating on social media, there have been no reports or evidence of a US military plane crash in Afghanistan in 2023. The incident showcased in the video is a result of creative content within a video game, not an actual event.

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