Voters in UK Support Ban on Israel Arms Sales

Thu Apr 04 2024
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LONDON: According to a poll conducted by YouGov platform in UK, a majority of voters in the country support a ban on arms sales to Israel.

The survey of more than 2,000 people was held before Monday’s Israeli airstrike that killed seven aid workers, including three British citizens.

The poll, commissioned by Action for Humanity on Wednesday, found that 56 percent of respondents supported a ban on the sale of arms and spare parts, compared to 17 percent who did not.

Support for a ban was strongest among supporters of the Labour party.

According to the results, seventy percent voters of Liberal Democrat support the ban, while 36 percent Conservative supporters, were in favor of the ban with 36 percent against it.

59 percent of people in the poll believed that Israel was guilty of violating human rights in Gaza.

The results of the polls would be alarming for Israel, which has historically dependent on strong support from the UK government. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly said that his country’s efforts to wipe out Hamas as a fighting force were depending on Western support.

Some senior Israeli politicians have voiced concerns that Israel is moving towards isolation because of Netanyahu’s policies.

Nearly 33,000 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli bombardment of Gaza so far, but the deaths of the Australian, Canadian, British and Polish aid workers seem to have created a turning point for Western powers.

After the tragic incident, several Conservative politicians in Britain called on the government to stop exporting arms to Israel.

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