War on Gaza: Cancer Patients Arrive in Turkiye for Medical Treatment

Thu Nov 16 2023
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ANKARA: More than two dozen Palestinian cancer patients including children, who had crossed from the Gaza Strip into Egypt, arrived in Ankara for medical treatment in the early hours of Thursday, local media reported.

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According to media reports, two airplanes carrying the patients landed at Ankara airport just after 00:30 am local time. Turkiye had sent a ship loaded with apparatus for field hospitals, generators and ambulances to Egypt to treat civilian population who have been able to flee Israel’s military brutal offensive in Gaza.

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Gaza’s health ministry said Israel’s brutal bombardment and ground attack have killed more than 11,500 people including thousands of children and women. Turkish Minister for Health Fahrettin Koca said that as many as 27 patients had been flown to Ankara from Egypt. He said that the cancer patients had been able to cross from the Gaza Strip into Egypt through the Rafah border crossing.

War on Gaza

The Minister said that Turkiye was also waiting for Egypt’s authorization to open its first field hospital at the Rafah crossing. He hoped that they would be able to set up a field hospital in the Gaza Strip, in the area near the Rafah gate.  Turkiye has stepped up its verbal assaults against Israel for the increasing civilian toll of its military offensive. Earlier, speaking before members of his party, President Erdogan on Wednesday called Israel “a terror state” that was carrying out “genocide” in the Gaza Strip.

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