War on Gaza: Israeli Strike Kills Two Volleyball Players of Palestinian National Team

Wed Nov 15 2023
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GAZA: Two Palestinian volleyball players of Palestinian national team have been killed in an Israeli airstrike that targeted Jabalia Camp in the Gaza Strip, Arab media reported on Tuesday. According to Arab News, the West Asian Volleyball Association mourned Ibrahim Qusaya’a and Hassan Abu Zuaiter on its social media page, shortly following Palestinian media reported about the tragedy.

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The Palestine News Agency reported that the two players were killed in Israeli brutal airstrike in the northern part of Gaza. Qusaya’a took part at the Asian Games in China in September. Similarly, he won a bronze medal at the West Asian Beach Soccer Championship in 2021.WAVA said: “The West Asian Volleyball Federation mourns with great grief the martyrdom of Palestinian volleyball players Qusaya’a, and Abu Zuaiter as a result of the aggression on Gaza.”

War on Gaza

Local officials said that the Palestinian death toll from the current Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip has climbed to more than 11,320 people.   The victims including 4,650 children and more than 3,145 women, while around 29,200 people were wounded.  Health Ministry in Gaza said that about 198 medics, twenty-two civil defense personnel and fifty-one journalists were killed in the Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. Similarly, the Israeli aggression has also forced about 25 hospitals and more than 52 health care centers out of service, while 55 ambulances were damaged by Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip.

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