WhatsApp Introduces Private Mention Feature for Enhanced User Privacy

Wed Apr 03 2024
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NEW YORK: WhatsApp, a Meta-owned messaging application, has introduced a new feature allowing discreet mentions of contacts in status updates to enhance user interaction and privacy.

The innovative functionality allows users just to mention their favorite contacts in status updates, ensuring prompt notification only to the mentioned persons. Unlike traditional mentions, which are visible to all users, this feature sends a discreet alert solely to the mentioned contact, safeguarding their privacy.

WABetaInfo, a platform that tracks WhatsApp updates, emphasized the significance of this feature, highlighting its ability to foster greater interaction within specific contacts. By ensuring that only the mentioned contacts receive notifications, the feature enables users to share important updates or moments discreetly.

This privacy-focused update aligns with WhatsApp’s commitment to user privacy and security. By keeping mentions entirely private and not visible in status updates, the feature ensures discretion and confidentiality among the intended recipients.

In addition to the private mention feature, WhatsApp has also officially introduced its swipeable Navigation Bar, following nearly a year of testing. This update reflects the app’s dedication to enhancing user experience and interface innovation, aligning with Google’s Material Design guidelines.


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