WHO Expresses Concern Over Fate of Al-Shifa Hospital Head

Sat Nov 25 2023
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GENEVA: The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday expressed concern over the fate of the chief of Gaza City’s Al-Shifa hospital, whom Israeli troops arrested over the facility’s alleged use by the Palestinian group Hamas.

In a statement the world health body said that the chief of the major hospital in the besieged Gaza had been apprehended on Wednesday along with 5 other health workers, while they were participating in a United Nations mission to evacuate patients.

The WHO confirmed that three health workers from the Palestine Red Crescent Society and 3 from the Ministry of Health were arrested. The WHO maintained that two of the six health workers have reportedly been freed, but they do not have any information or idea regarding the well-being of the four remaining health workers, including the head of Al-Shifa hospital.

WHO Expresses Concern Over Fate of Al-Shifa Hospital Head

The WHO said that their legal and human rights must be completely observed during their imprisonment.

Al-Shifa director Mohammad Abu Salmiya has been often quoted by global media regarding the conditions inside the hospital, a major focus of the Israeli brutal attack.

The Israeli military raided the hospital last week and alleged that Hamas used a tunnel complex under the facility in Gaza to stage assaults. However, hospital officials and Hamas have rejected these allegations.

On Thursday the Israeli military said it had captured the hospital head, along with a department chief.

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The WHO said it has carried out 3 missions to al-Shifa hospital in the space of a week, on one occasion managing to evacuate at least thirty-one babies from the hospital.

During the 3rd mission, on Wednesday, which was conducted in cooperation with the Palestinian Red Crescent, about 151 people were evacuated, including patients, their family members and healthcare workers, the WHO maintained.

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