With Focus on ML-1, Pakistan’s Communication Minister Meets with Chinese Ambassador

Mon Nov 20 2023
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ISLAMABAD: In a diplomatic stride to fortify bilateral cooperation, Shahid Ashraf Tarar, Pakistan’s Minister of Communication, Maritime Affairs and Railways, engaged in a productive meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Jiang Zaidong with a special focus on the ML-1 project.

The discussions on Monday centred on amplifying collaboration in the fields of transport and communication, with a specific focus on advancing the pivotal ML-1 project.

The meeting, marked by constructive dialogue, delved into various topics of mutual interest, reaffirming the enduring friendship between Pakistan and China. Minister Shahid Ashraf Tarar underscored the significance of the ML-1 project, emphasizing its consistent status as the top priority for the Government of Pakistan. He highlighted the prevailing political will to translate these priorities into tangible developments on the ground.

Expressing admiration for the Chinese expertise and their valuable participation in the ML-1 project, Minister Tarar commended the collaborative efforts between the two nations. “We are determined to expedite the implementation of ML-1, and with the political will in place, we are poised to transform plans into action,” declared Minister Tarar.

Ambassador Jiang Zaidong, representing the Chinese side, accentuated the project’s foundation on mutual understanding and its integral role in fostering cooperation and development. “We are fully committed to working with the Pakistani side, and our joint efforts aim to accelerate the realization of the ML-1 project,” affirmed Ambassador Zaidong.

The meeting concluded with both parties reiterating their dedication to the successful implementation of the ML-1 project. This collaborative endeavor stands as a symbol of the enduring friendship and strategic partnership between Pakistan and China, reflecting the commitment to mutual progress and development.

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