World Bank Affirms Support for Azerbaijan in COP29 Preparations

Fri Jan 19 2024
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BAKU: Azerbaijan received confirmation of the World Bank’s commitment to support the country in preparation for the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29), said Sameh Naguib Wahba, the Regional Director for Sustainable Development of Europe and the Central Asia region at the World Bank. The affirmation came during a meeting with First Deputy Minister of Economy Elnur Aliyev.

During the discussions, the World Bank representative was briefed on various projects, including initiatives related to green and sustainable cities, digitalization, the development of the shipbuilding industry, expansion of renewable energy sources, employment support, and other ongoing efforts.

Wahba praised the existing collaboration between the World Bank and Azerbaijan, and said that the outlined Road Map for expanded cooperation would further solidify their partnership. He also congratulated Azerbaijan for being chosen to host COP29.

The meeting also provided a platform for the exchange of perspectives on diverse areas of collaboration between Azerbaijan and the World Bank. The discussions encompassed current programs and upcoming projects undertaken by the organization in Azerbaijan, with a particular focus on urban development, water management, and agricultural initiatives.

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