World Cinema Day: Minister Seeks Cinema Industry’s Revival with Affordable Tickets

Thu Dec 28 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Syed Jamal Shah, the Federal Caretaker Minister for National Heritage and Culture, has emphasized the urgent need to revive the cinema industry in Pakistan by offering affordable tickets.

On World Cinema Day, he asserted that investing in Pakistan’s entertainment industry is crucial to establishing a method for producing high-quality films.

Talking to a private news channel conversation, Minister Jamal Shah proposed creating approximately 4000 new cinemas to breathe life back into the industry. He suggested that a revival of Pakistan’s cinema and filmmaking sector could be achieved by producing multitask films involving collaborations with various countries.

Minister Jamal Shah highlighted Cinema Day as a reminder of cinema’s influential role in bringing people together and transporting them to different worlds. He emphasized the day as an opportunity to celebrate the love of film and acknowledge the immense effort invested in movie-making.

The minister recommended the importation of Indian and Turkish content in a manner that safeguards the interests of the local film industry.

Asserting the richness and diversity of Pakistan, the minister encouraged artists to showcase their talents and promote cultural diversity through music. Additionally, he called for investors to boost the cinema industry’s revival.

Minister Jamal Shah invited filmmakers from neighboring countries to explore and capture the scenic beauty of Pakistan’s northern areas. He stated that the caretaker government had introduced a revolutionary regime to promote tourism, sports, and investment in the country. —APP

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