“Xi And I Agreed Each Could Call Directly, And…”: President Biden After Meeting

Thu Nov 16 2023
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WOODSIDE, USA: In a significant development, President Joe Biden announced that he and Chinese President Xi Jinping have reached an understanding to establish a direct communication channel between them in times of crisis.

This initiative aims to preserve and promote high-level diplomacy, ensuring open lines of communication between the leaders to address potential challenges swiftly.

“We’re going to continue to preserve and pursue high-level diplomacy… to keep the lines of communication open, including between President Xi and me,” President Biden stated. The key highlight of their agreement is the direct accessibility for both leaders to contact each other directly, with the assurance that their messages will be received immediately.

This direct communication channel represents a proactive effort to manage and defuse potential crises between the two nations, emphasizing the importance of transparent and efficient dialogue at the highest level. As US-China relations navigate complexities, this new communication protocol adds a layer of diplomatic responsiveness that could contribute to stability in the face of challenges.

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