Xi Jinping Asks Chinese Ambassadors to Create ‘Diplomatic Iron Army’

Sat Dec 30 2023
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BEIJING: Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Friday asked Chinese envoys to forge a “diplomatic iron army” loyal to the Communist Party, revitalizing the harsh “Wolf Warrior” rhetoric propagated by some envoys as a sign of China’s assertive foreign policy.

According to CCTV, President Xi told Chinese overseas diplomats in Beijing that challenge to be good at struggle and to become defenders of the country’s national interest. He added It was necessary to… determinedly safeguard the interests of sovereignty, security and progress with a posture of readiness and a strong will to challenge strong forces.

Xi Asks Chinese Ambassadors to Create ‘Diplomatic Iron Army’

Relations with the Washington thawed briefly following President Xi met Joe Biden in November, but Beijing is also currently engaged in diplomatic issues with the Philippines and Japan. Xi also asked envoys to adhere to the Communist Party discipline, Reuters reported.

President Xi said that loyalty to the country, the party, and the people is the superb tradition of the diplomatic front. He also emphasized the need for China to increase its global influence to combat West’s attempts to contain China.

He said that they must make broad and deep friendships, and the struggle to win people’s hearts. He added that they must use foreign language and approaches to tell the China story well.

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