Yemen’s Presidential Leadership Council Welcomes United Nations Peace Plan: Arab Media

Mon Dec 25 2023
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AL-MUKALLA: Yemen’s globally recognized Presidential Leadership Council has welcomed the United Nations peace proposal, Arab News reported on Sunday.

According to the media reports, the presidential council’s leader, Rashad Al-Alimi expressed these remarks during a meeting with Egypt’s envoy to Yemen. He said that the government of Yemen was committed to positively complying with UN-brokered peace efforts that would lead to easing the suffering of people of Yemen.

Earlier, the UN Ambassador for Yemen announced that Yemen’s warring parties have made commitment to a new truce and agreed to engage in a United Nations-led peace process to end the crisis.

In a statement, Grundberg said he welcomed the parties’ pledge to a set of steps to execute a ceasefire and to engage in arrangements for the restoration of an inclusive political process.

Yemen Warring Parties Agree to Truce: UN Envoy

The statement maintained that the UN envoy would now engage with the parties to set up a road map under United Nations auspices that includes these promises and supports their execution. A UN-brokered truce that took effect in April 2022 brought a sharp decrease in hostilities. The ceasefire expired in October last year, though fighting between the two sides largely remains on hold.

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Grundberg said that people of Yemen are watching and waiting for this fresh opportunity to provide for tangible outcomes and progress toward long term peace. He added that the parties have taken an important measure and their resolve is first and foremost, an obligation to the people of Yemen.

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