Zelensky Urges Urgent US Congress Approval of Military Aid

Mon Mar 18 2024
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KYIV: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stressed the urgent need for a swift decision from the US Congress regarding billions of dollars in military aid for Ukraine during a meeting with US Senator Lindsey Graham on Monday.

Zelensky stressed the critical importance of the US Congress completing necessary procedures to strengthen the Ukrainian economy and armed forces, as quoted in a statement from the presidential office.

The $60 billion aid package for Ukraine has faced obstacle in the Republican-led House of Representatives, with Speaker Mike Johnson insisting that the funds must be tied to additional measures against illegal immigration.

The delay in aid approval has left Ukrainian troops facing ammunition shortages, while Russian forces have advanced on parts of the front line in eastern Ukraine.

Meanwhile, tensions escalated as Ukrainian shelling resulted in the deaths of four persons near Russia’s border city of Belgorod on Monday, bringing the total number of casualties in the region to 15 since last week, according to authorities.

The attacks have drawn condemnation from the Kremlin, which has sought to downplay the impact of its offensive in Ukraine on the Russian population.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin, following his re-election victory, hinted at the possibility of establishing a “sanitary zone” in Ukrainian territory adjacent to Belgorod to prevent further incidents.

Putin’s remarks came after pro-Ukrainian militias conducted cross-border raids into Russia’s border regions last week, leading to heightened tensions between the neighboring nations.

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