Attacks Kill 30 in Nigeria: Report

Thu Jan 25 2024
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MAIDUGURI: Around 30 people have been killed and numerous others injured in a series of attacks around Mangu town in Nigeria’s central Plateau state, a community spokesperson said. It added that these attacks took place despite a state-imposed curfew in the region.

The region, often referred to as the ‘Middle Belt,’ has been plagued by farmer-herder clashes and communal conflicts, resulting in hundreds of casualties in recent years. The latest violence occurred on Wednesday, after a Christmas Day assault that claimed the lives of at least 140 individuals. A dusk-to-dawn curfew was enacted on Jan. 23, but the attacks, spanning two days, targeted several villages including Kwahaslalek, Kinat, and Mairana along the borders of Mangu and Barkin Ladi local government areas.

Despite requests for comment, a Plateau police spokesperson remained unavailable. Joseph Gwankat, the head of the community group Mwaghavul Development Association (MDA), provided details on the recent attacks.

“The victims had sought refuge in the house of a community leader after earlier unrest in Mangu town. The attackers surrounded the house and killed those inside,” Gwankat told Reuters by phone.

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