IGP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Expresses Police’s Resolve to Eradicate Terrorism

Tue Dec 26 2023
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PESHAWAR: In a resolute stance against terrorism, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Akhtar Hayat Gandapur on Monday announced the launch of a robust campaign to eradicate terrorism from the region.

During the inauguration of a new police station in Khyber Bara, he highlighted the police force’s unwavering commitment to protecting the lives and property of the people.

He also held meetings with tribal elders, stressing the need for complete cooperation and mutual collaboration to combat criminals, drug traffickers, and social problems.

He lauded the tribal elders, stating that the community and police must work together as one entity for the region’s security, addressing issues like drugs, lawlessness, and other serious crimes.

While acknowledging the sacrifices of the people of Khyber district in collaboration with national institutions, he underlined the significance of collective efforts to control crimes, including the menace of drugs.

The IGP urged the police force and the public to unite to eliminate these crimes and ensure peace and security in the region.

He provided instructions to police officers and youth, stressing alertness, avoiding mobile phone use during duty, and using jackets and helmets and for personal safety.

IGP Urges Police to Deal Public with Respect

He also instructed the police to maintain a respectful attitude towards the public and prioritize solving their problems on a preferential basis.


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