Indian SC Dismiss Plea to Ban Pakistani Artists

Wed Nov 29 2023
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NEW DELHI: The Indian Supreme Court has dismissed a plea to ban Pakistani artists from working in India and advised the petitioner not to be narrow-minded on the matter, local media reported.

The petitioner, a film worker Faaiz Anwar Qureshi, had filed an appeal in the Supreme Court after the Bombay High Court last month dismissed his original petition.

Qureshi in his original petition had sought a ban on all Indian citizens, companies from working with Pakistani artists, including actors, singers, musicians, lyricists and technicians.

Qureshi had also sought an order from the court directing the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, the Ministry for External Affairs and the Ministry for Home Affairs to ban engagement of Pakistani artists in India and barring visas for them.

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The Supreme Court bench dismissed Qureshi’s petition for not having merits and termed it a backward step in promoting cultural harmony, peace and unity.

The court further said that resolutions by private associations are not statutory and cannot be imposed through court orders.

The portioner had also voiced concerns in his petition against Indian’s decision to allow the Pakistan Cricket Team to play in the ICC Cricket World Cup. He said that such step would lead to the engagement of Pakistani artists.

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