Israeli War Crimes and Legitimacy of Palestinian Resistance

Thu Feb 29 2024
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Sikandar Noorani

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The latest count of martyred Palestinians has crossed the number of thirty thousand with no apparent end of Israeli atrocities in sight. The number of wounded victims is above seventy thousand. The martyrdom of more than twelve thousand Palestinian children is nothing but an organized genocidal act of Israel. Words like ‘peace,’ ‘humanity’, and ‘international community’ carry no meaning in Palestine. Backers of the Israeli regime stand stripped and possess no moral authority to lecture the world anymore on human rights, freedom, and the right to self-determination.

For decades, Palestinians were forced to bear the heinous Israeli war crimes without having any of the universally acknowledged human rights on their homeland. What transpired in Gaza after the October attacks of Hamas can never be justified as Israel’s right of self-defense. Infants killed in hardcore military operations were not capable enough to pose any kind of threat to Tel Aviv. How one-sided attacks of Israeli standing forces equipped with latest weaponry against unarmed population can be graded a war in first place.

It is now an established fact that Israeli forces are mercilessly targeting the Palestinians without differentiating between unarmed civilians and fighters of Hammas or any other resistance group. Israel is not over-reacting rather committing well thought out genocide of Palestinians to eliminate the roots of freedom and resistance. Much talked about ‘peace’ is nowhere visible on ground and international community seems meaningfully incapacitated on brutal bloodbath in Gaza. Those who are speaking about ceasefire in Gaza, should impartially compare the war potentials of Israel’s standing army and the unarmed Palestinian victims.

More than twelve thousand kids and 8570 women martyred in indiscriminate air strikes were neither the foot soldiers of any standing army nor ever participated in any kind of attack on Israel executed by armed resistance groups. Unfortunately, UNO, the most prominent body of the international community, has miserably failed in putting an end to the brutalities of Israel. Doublespeak of the international community laced with fancy words like peace, negotiations, ceasefire, relief, and human rights is fully exposed. Highly unjustified American vetoes at the UNSC is a kind of license of atrocities granted to the Netanyahu regime.

Disproportionate Israeli lethal strikes on civilians of Gaza are absolutely illegal and nothing short of deliberately executed genocide. What transpired at the forum of the International Court of Justice is a reflection of Israel’s reputational decline despite the blind backing of the US. Smoke rising from the ruins of Gaza and stains of Palestinian blood have further tainted the ugly face of Israel.

Despite the supportive shelter of America, the world has now started questioning Israel with more assertiveness about inhuman war crimes. South African case in the International Court of Justice has provided a relevant forum to question the illegal Israeli occupation, construction of settlements, and forceful settlements on Palestinian territories. Genocide accusations and the equation of Israeli Gaza atrocities with the holocaust under Nazis by the Brazilian President have deeply irked the trigger-happy Netanyahu regime.

More than fifty countries are providing evidences of genocide and war crimes committed in Palestine by Israeli forces. Such massive exposure at the international level is more shocking for Tel Aviv as compared to the surprising October raids, which busted the myth of Israeli invincibility. The self-defence logic of Tel Aviv lacks validity, as the current precarious situation in Gaza is actually the outcome of Israel’s illegal and inhuman acts. New hype given recently to ceasefire talks by US quarters is not enough to shroud the stains of absolute American support extended to Israeli war crimes against the innocent Palestinians.

Self-immolation of an American soldier is true reflection of public anger based on humanitarian values against heinous genocidal Israeli campaign and equally brutal backing extended by the powerful global players. Chinese stance in the International Court of Justice is exceptionally logical as it acknowledged the Palestinian right of resistance and effectively refuted the baseless Israeli accusations of terrorism on victims of illegal occupation and war crimes. Chinese representative Ma Xinmin said “In pursuit of the right to self-determination, Palestinian people’s use of force to resist foreign illegal occupation and armed struggle to complete the establishment of an independent state is (an) inalienable right well founded in international law”.

Now, Israel cannot hide anymore the genocidal war crimes with false portrayal of Palestinian legitimate resistance as terrorism. The legitimacy of resistance against illegal occupation, embedded in international law, holds good for the oppressed masses of IIOJK. Unflinching support of Modi led the Indian government to the genocidal regime of Netanyahu, which speaks volumes about obviously identical oppressive strategies manifested by both allies in IIOJK and Gaza, respectively.

Besides committing genocidal war crimes, Israel is continuously hindering the relief and aid efforts with impunity. The inaction of influential global players and so-called champions of human rights led by the US on persistent war crimes has further exposed the international double standards. Fancy verbosity revolving around ceasefire, relief, peace, and humanity seems hollow unless Tel Aviv is held accountable for its crimes against humanity.

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