Kyrgyzstan Govt. Seeks Ways to Simplify Railway Transportation

Wed Apr 24 2024
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BISHKEK: Kyrgyzstan is set to executive an electronic system of interdepartmental interaction in railway transportation, local media reported on Wednesday.  Kyrgyzstan’s The Ministry of Economy stated that the system will easily control over railway freight transportation. The new system will be launched soon in the country.

The State Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan said that the cargo transportation in the central Asian country amounted to 7.773 million tons from Jan through Feb 2024, which is rise of about 400,000 tons, or 4.9 %, compared to the same period in previous year.

The majority of the transported goods, around 6.297 million tons, were carried by automobile transport in the country. Railway transportation has also amounted to 1.358 million tons, air transportation to 600 tons and pipeline transportation to 117,200 tons. Over 80 percent of automobile freight transportation was handled by local entrepreneurs.

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