Nicaragua Criticizes Germany’s Dual Approach to Gaza and Israel, Seeks Action at Top UN Court

Mon Apr 08 2024
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THE HAGUE: Nicaragua has hit out at Germany at the United Nations’ top court over its support to Israel, saying it was “pathetic” to give weapons to the Israeli government while simultaneously providing aid in Gaza, AFP reported.

Nicaragua condemned Germany for its provision of aid to Gaza while simultaneously supplying arms to Israel, in a move labeled as “pathetic” by Nicaraguan representatives.

Daniel Mueller, a lawyer representing Nicaragua, lambasted Germany’s actions, stating, “It is indeed a pathetic excuse to the Palestinian children, women and men to provide humanitarian aid… and to furnish the military equipment that is used to kill and annihilate them.”

In a detailed submission spanning 43 pages to the court, Nicaragua argued that Germany’s support for Israel constitutes a breach of the 1948 United Nations Genocide Convention, particularly in light of its recent decision to cease funding the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA).

“By sending military equipment and now defunding UNRWA, Germany is facilitating the commission of genocide,” the submission asserts.

Nicaragua’s case before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) seeks emergency measures to halt German arms exports to Israel and reverse the decision to withdraw funding from UNRWA. The hearings, scheduled for two days, are part of a broader legal battle initiated by Nicaragua against Germany, accusing the country of violating international humanitarian law.

German officials have vehemently refuted the allegations, emphasizing that Berlin has not contravened the Genocide Convention or international humanitarian law. Sebastian Fischer, the spokesman for the German foreign ministry, affirmed, “We reject the allegations from Nicaragua,” asserting Germany’s commitment to presenting its defense before the ICJ.

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