Pakistani Authorities Foil Attempt to Smuggle Weapons from Afghanistan

Sun Apr 21 2024
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KHYBER: FC North and Customs authorities foiled an attempt to smuggle weapons from Afghanistan into Pakistan at the Torkham border on Sunday. Two vehicles carrying goods were checked at the Torkham Border, during which weapons were recovered.

Recovered weapons include 3 rifles, 2 pistols and 12,000 bullets of pistols and repeaters. The drivers were apprehended and handed over to the Customs for further action.

Weapons Smuggling Attempt from Afghanistan in December

In December 2023, Pakistan authorities foiled a bid to smuggle US-made weapons from Afghanistan by seizing a truck loaded with onions at the Torkham Border.

The US-made weapons, left in Afghanistan after the departure of US troops were attempted to smuggle to Pakistan, concealed in the onion sacks.

Upon checking by the Pakistan Customs and the security forces personnel, the weapons concealed in the onion sacks were seized.

The seized US-made weapons include M4, Kalashankov, US Riffle, Leaser beams, night vision sites and bullets in large numbers. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for interrogation.


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