Pakistan’s Culture Minister Highlights Role of Culture in Fostering Tolerance

Thu Nov 16 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Culture Minister, Jamal Shah, stated on Thursday that culture plays a vital role in cultivating tolerance within society by influencing values, attitudes, and behaviors.

In a message marking the International Day of Tolerance, the culture minister highlighted the significance of celebrating this day to underscore the importance of societal norms based on principles of harmony, tolerance, and brotherhood. He called for a collective commitment to actively play a role in promoting these values.

Jamal Shah outlined various avenues through which culture fosters tolerance, citing government policies that endorse and safeguard cultural diversity. He emphasized that building a tolerant society also involves fostering respect for individuals, irrespective of their cultural background, within cultural norms.

The minister emphasized that individuals’ attitudes and behaviors, crucial for coexisting with people from diverse backgrounds, are influenced by the socialization within their culture. Cultural institutions, community centers, and grassroots organizations, according to Jamal Shah, play a vital role in promoting tolerance by fostering connections and understanding among people from different backgrounds.

He urged all segments of society to contribute to promoting tolerance in the country and the world. The minister affirmed his Ministry’s commitment to fostering peace and harmony through art and culture.

The International Day for Tolerance, observed annually on November 16, aims to promote respect, acceptance, and appreciation for the rich diversity of the world’s cultures, forms of expression, and ways of being human.



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