Russian President Says Western Threats Create ‘Real’ Risk of Nuclear War

Thu Feb 29 2024
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MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned western nations that they also have weapons that can hit your territory. He made these remarks during his annual State of the Nation address, two weeks before elections. Local reports said that he is likely to win the elections.  He claimed that Russian military has enhanced its combat capabilities and is “confidently” advancing at the frontline in Ukraine.

He said that Western threats create ‘real’ threat of nuclear conflict.  He said that “without a sovereign, strong Moscow, a strong world order is not possible”. He added Russia is planning to build a new international financial infrastructure, free from politics, with “friendly nations”.

Russian President said that his country is ready for talks with Washington on strategic stability, but rejected any efforts to force Russia into dialogue. The Russian leader also rejected the possibility of talks on strategic stability with the United States in isolation from Russian national security affairs.

On the other hand, Kyiv has said its forced downed a Russian fighter jet over its eastern areas. In a statement on social media, Mykola Oleshchuk, the commander of the Ukrainian army, claimed the jet was a Sukhoi Su-34.

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However, he did not provide more information over the matter. On the other hand, Russian officials have yet to issue statement over claim of Kyiv.

Earlier, Reuters reported that allies of Putin warned French President Emmanuel Macron that any troops he deploys to Kyiv would meet the same fate as Napoleon Bonaparte’s Grande Army whose 1812 attack on Russia ended in defeat.

Macron has opened the door on Monday to European countries sending forces to Ukraine, although he cautioned that there was no consensus at this phase.


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