Scientists Pledge to Prevent Misuse of AI Bioweapons, Harness AI for Global Good

Sun Mar 10 2024
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NEW YORK: Dozens of scientists across various research institutes have joined forces, signing a letter in which they pledge to prevent the potential misuse of artificial intelligence (AI) in bioweapons and commit to leveraging AI for the betterment of humanity.

The letter underscores the groundbreaking role of AI in life science research, particularly in designing functional biological molecules like proteins. With AI-driven advancements, researchers see unprecedented opportunities to address critical global challenges, including responding swiftly to infectious disease outbreaks, developing treatments for various illnesses, exploring sustainable energy solutions, and combating climate change.

In their pledge, AI researchers vow to conduct studies that prioritize safety, security, equity, and societal benefit. They commit to generating new knowledge while collaborating with stakeholders to align their research with broader objectives of health, sustainability, justice, and equity.

Scientists Pledge to Develop Safe Countermeasures

To contribute to global well-being, researchers pledge to develop safe and effective countermeasures, including diagnostics, medicines, and vaccines, while also supporting related initiatives. They emphasize the importance of using DNA synthesis services from providers with robust biosecurity screening practices to identify hazardous biomolecules during manufacturing.

Furthermore, researchers pledge to continuously evaluate and mitigate safety and security risks associated with their protein design software. They commit to transparency and responsible conduct by conducting regular meetings to review capabilities and risks within their field, involving scientists, regulatory representatives, and other stakeholders.

Additionally, researchers vow to communicate the benefits and risks of their research openly and to report any concerning practices or intentions to misuse protein design for harm.


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