Scottish First Minister Yousaf Targeted with Ant-Islam Graffiti

Wed Apr 03 2024
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LONDON: First Minister of Scot Land Humza Yousaf has been targeted with Islamophobic graffiti near his residence in Dundee.

The incident took place on Tuesday the day the new UK hate crime law was enacted.

Racist remarks referencing towards Yousaf’s Pakistani heritage was found on walls and fences near his house, where he resides lives with his family.

The local authorities quickly removed the vandalism and Scotland Police said it had started an investigation into the incident.

Yousaf, is the first ethnic minority and Muslim leader in the Scottish government.

In a post on social media the Scottish leader said that he is doing best to protect his children from Islamophobia and racism that he is facing on a regular basis. Yousaf added that it is very difficult when racist graffiti targeting him appeared near his family home.

Members of the public in Broughty Ferry termed the graffiti as absolutely shocking.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Nationalist Party said the graffiti was sickening and entirely unacceptable.

Scots Asians for Independence, an affiliated SNP group, in its post on X, said the abuse included a P-word slur for the SNP leader.

Police Scotland confirmed that the investigation into the graffiti was lunched, stressing the commitment to curb and address hate crimes.

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