UK Unveils Program Fund for Climate and Energy Cooperation with Kazakhstan

Mon Feb 12 2024
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ASTANA: United Kingdom (UK) unveiled its Program Fund for Climate, Energy, and Water Security for Central Asia during a meeting between Kazakh Energy Minister Almasadam Satkaliyev and UK Ambassador to Kazakhstan Kathy Leach.

The fund, estimated at 19-20 million pounds ($24 million) over a three-year period, underscores the UK’s commitment to fostering climate and energy cooperation in the region.

Kazakhstan, aligning with its Strategy for achieving carbon neutrality by 2060, revealed plans for gradual economic decarbonization. The British delegation expressed readiness to collaborate on various projects, focusing on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy.

Additionally, efforts will be directed towards strengthening electrical grids, transitioning coal-fired plants to gas, and conducting research in hydrogen energy, biogas, and carbon capture technologies.

Of particular importance is Kazakhstan’s participation in the Global Methane Pledge, announced by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev at COP-28 in December 2023.

This commitment significantly expands financing opportunities for low-carbon technology projects in Kazakhstan, reinforcing the country’s position in global climate action efforts.

Ambassador Leach further met with Kazakh Deputy Foreign Minister Roman Vassilenko to discuss expanding the legal framework of Kazakh-British cooperation. Both parties expressed eagerness for the swift signing of the Strategic Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, aimed at deepening strategic collaboration and fostering favorable conditions for trade and investment ties between the two nations.

The progress of Kazakh-British political dialogue, trade and economic relations, cultural and humanitarian contacts, as well as science and education ties, was acknowledged by both parties.

Efforts to attract British academic institutions and universities to Kazakhstan underscore the commitment to enhancing cooperation across various sectors.

The unveiling of the Program Fund and discussions on expanding bilateral cooperation underscore the mutual commitment of the UK and Kazakhstan towards addressing climate change challenges, promoting sustainable development, and fostering closer ties for the benefit of both nations and the broader region.


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