US Evacuates Citizens from Haiti Amid Escalating Gang Violence

Mon Mar 18 2024
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PORT-Au-PRINCE, Haiti: Amid escalating gang violence and political unrest in Haiti, more than 30 US citizens were safely evacuated to Florida on a chartered government flight, the US State Department confirmed.

Departing from Cap-Haitien, the flight marks a significant effort to safeguard American nationals amidst the turmoil gripping the Caribbean nation.

The State Department facilitated the departure of the US citizens, ensuring their safe arrival in Miami, Florida, where they are receiving assistance from US government officials. The flight comes amidst a backdrop of intense gang uprisings aimed at toppling Prime Minister Ariel Henry, exacerbating an already precarious security situation.

The surge in gang activity follows a brazen attack on two prisons, resulting in the release of thousands of inmates and further destabilizing Haiti’s fragile infrastructure. A recent United Nations report has underscored the dire humanitarian crisis unfolding in the nation, highlighting the near-collapse of basic services and leaving millions vulnerable to the escalating violence.

As Haiti grapples with political uncertainty and a looming power vacuum, efforts are underway to establish a transitional governing council. The resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry has added to the sense of turmoil, prompting the State Department to explore options for the safe departure of Americans from Port-au-Prince.

While commercial options remain limited and the security environment volatile, the State Department remains committed to assisting US citizens seeking to leave Haiti, prioritizing their safety and security. Diplomatic efforts from various countries and organizations, including the United Nations and Kenya, underscore the international community’s concern and readiness to support Haiti during this challenging time.

As the state of emergency in Haiti approaches its end date, international attention remains focused on restoring stability and providing much-needed assistance to alleviate the humanitarian crisis gripping the nation.


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