Chinese Inventions Take Center Stage at Swiss Exhibition

Sun Apr 21 2024
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GENEVA: Thousands of inventions from around the world are on display at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva. Among the diverse array of creations showcased, Chinese inventions stand out prominently, dominating the exhibition with over a third of all inventions hailing from China.

Representing more than 40 countries, the exhibition features inventions spanning various fields, from firefighting robotics to advancements in healthcare and environmental conservation. Notably, China’s presence is underscored by a dedicated pavilion showcasing inventions from Hong Kong, highlighting the region’s significant contributions to innovation.

One standout invention is a smart firefighting robot equipped with artificial intelligence technologies, designed to autonomously assist firefighters in hazardous situations. Equipped with sensors capable of detecting even the smallest fires, this innovative robot employs advanced technology to determine the most effective fire extinguishing agents to utilize.

Advancements in healthcare are also prominently featured, with inventions like ProRuka—a revolutionary prosthetic hand controlled by wireless sonomyography—taking center stage. Controlled by muscle signals from the user’s stump, collected via wireless ultrasound, ProRuka utilizes AI algorithms to decode natural control mechanisms, enabling independent finger movement and enhancing the quality of life for prosthetic hand users.

Real-world applications of innovative technology are showcased through inventions like the drone utilized by the Hong Kong mountain rescue department for locating missing persons. Employing AI technology, this drone rapidly analyzes aerial photographs to expedite search efforts, significantly reducing search time and enhancing the accuracy of locating missing individuals.

Amidst the impressive display of inventions, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) emerges as a standout, securing a record-breaking number of accolades at the exhibition. With 43 PolyU innovations receiving 45 accolades—including Special Prizes and Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals—the university’s commitment to fostering innovation and excellence is commendably demonstrated.

The exhibition features contributions from diverse backgrounds, including an Iranian inventor showcasing a floating collector and recycler of microplastics from marine environments. Engineered to combat ocean pollution, this device harnesses thermal energy to collect microplastics.


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