Crispy and Juicy Chicken Donuts Recipe

Tue Apr 23 2024
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ISLAMABAD: Experience the perfect balance of crispy and juicy with these Crispy Chicken Donuts – a true flavor sensation. Get ready to be amazed by the satisfying crunch of these homemade delights. If you are searching for delicious recipes that are easy to make, your quest ends here.


Chicken boneless 1 kg, red chili powder 1 tbsp, salt 1 tsp, black pepper powder 1 tsp, onion powder 1 tsp, ginger pods 2, green chilies 3-4, garlic pods 2, egg 1, green coriander (chopped) 1/4 cup

Ingredients for Chicken Donuts

Prepared chicken mixture, beaten eggs, all-purpose flour, bread crumbs, oil as required


  1. In a food processor, combine chicken, red chili powder, salt, black pepper powder, onion powder, ginger, green chilies, garlic, egg, and fresh coriander. Process until well chopped. Set aside.
  2. Shape the chicken mixture into donut shapes.
  3. Dip each donut in beaten eggs, coat with flour, dip in beaten eggs again, and then coat with breadcrumbs.
  4. Deep fry the donuts until crispy and fully cooked.

Your Crispy Chicken Donuts are now ready to be served and enjoy with your favorite sauce.

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