Empowering Women: Beyond Celebrations to True Equality

Fri Mar 15 2024
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Sadaf Ibrar

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March 8 marks International Women’s Day, a global celebration acknowledging the achievements and contributions of women. While we commemorate this day and share inspiring messages, it’s crucial to reflect on the status of women in our society. Despite progress, we must ask ourselves: Is our society providing women with the respect and opportunities they deserve in their homes, workplaces, markets, hospitals, and beyond?


In a society predominantly influenced by traditional gender norms, women often face a paradox. A woman managing her household is deemed worthy of respect, but those in professional roles encounter a barrage of questions and criticisms. It’s essential to recognize that women, whether contributing to their families at home or excelling in their careers, deserve equal praise.

However, women in the workforce frequently contend with disrespectful attitudes and unwarranted inquiries. Questions like, “Why aren’t you at home?” or “What can you achieve by doing a man’s job?” Underscore the prevailing bias that fails to acknowledge and appreciate their skills. The societal expectation that a woman should confine herself to certain roles persists, hindering her potential for growth and diversification.

International Women’s Day

Moreover, our society tends to limit the acceptable professions for women, often channeling them towards teaching as the “preferred” field. If a woman aspires to pursue a career in any other sector, she is met with numerous queries and skepticism. This attitude reflects a broader issue of ingrained societal biases, questioning when our society will break free from these stereotypes and recognize a woman’s capability to excel in every facet of life.


International Women’s Day serves as a reminder not only to celebrate women but also to advocate for genuine equality. It’s an opportunity to challenge stereotypes, question biases, and foster an environment where women are esteemed for their abilities, irrespective of the role society deems suitable for them.

Let’s strive for a society that empowers women, appreciates their diverse talents, and grants them the autonomy to pursue any field they choose. True progress lies not only in celebration but in dismantling the barriers that hinder women from realizing their full potential in every sphere of life.

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