End-to-End Digitization of Tax System Top Priority: Finance Minister

Wed Mar 13 2024
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ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb on Wednesday visited the Federal Board of Revenue Headquarters in Islamabad and emphasized the urgent need for digitizing the FBR to enhance transparency and efficiency in tax collection.

Malik Amjed Zubair Tiwana, Chairman of FBR, warmly welcomed the newly-appointed minister who led an introductory meeting with the FBR board members to discuss the performance and future initiatives of the organization.

In the meeting, the minister emphasized the urgent need for digitizing the FBR to enhance efficiency and transparency in tax collection.

These initiatives would focus on increasing tax collection through improved FBR governance, full-scale digitization, and comprehensive documentation of the economy.

The finance minister said that the government is mulling over strategies to broaden the tax base by incorporating wholesale, retail, real estate, and agriculture sectors into the tax framework.  

He said that digitization is a means to an end and implementing digital solutions is crucial to modernizing the tax administration.

He said that by leveraging technology and enhancing transparency, we can develop a more equitable tax system that fosters economic growth and benefits all people.

Finance Minister Pledges Full Support

He commended the dedication of the FBR team and promised the government’s full support in implementing transformative measures.

The meeting concluded with a strong commitment from both sides to work towards promoting the people’s welfare.

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